Multiplier events

The aim of multiplier event is to share the intellectual outputs of a project with a wider audience.

The multiplier event will be organized in each partner country in purpose to present and disseminate geoethics intellectual outcomes and developed project activities so as to promote awareness learning.

The event will present the video and the handbook (Ebook). Nevertheless, the GOAL e-learning platform (which will be created at the second stage of teh project (in 2019)) will also be a way to disseminate the syllabus and all teaching materials that could be adopted by university and higher education establishments to support professors, researchers and early-carrier professor geocientists in addressing geoethics issues.

During the event it will be important to gather feedback and opinion from relevant stakeholders from Higher Education Institutions; NGO’s dealing with education, environmental issues and sustainability; Ministers; academics; educators; and representatives of student bodies.