IO1 – video

This intellectual output was created as a result of the workshop 1, taking place in Italy in in July-August 2018, held in INGV. The objectives of the workshop were: to discuss theoretical aspects of Geoethics, in particular definitions, topics and aims, by exploring its historical background; to present a scientific and geoethical perspective of the management and reduction of georisks; to develop educational resources for higher education. The output of the first workshop comprised two sections: (i) a summary of the gathered information in the form of an online publication and (ii) educational resources regarding Geoethics.

The expected impact in all involved partners was to develop a shared view on Geoethics in order to create a common conceptual substratum to be used in the subsequent phases of the project. It was also expected that all partners will contribute to the discussion and the development of shared contents regarding the topics of the workshop.

Main innovative elements include the educational resources that were created, and the interdisciplinary approach established among all partners. These resources comprised a set of “video-pills” (length: 5 minutes for each video) on the main aspects of Geoethics to be used as an “Introductory course on Geoethics” for early-career professional geoscientists in order to make them more aware about the ethical implications of geoscience research and practice.

Introduction to geoethics: definition, concepts, and application

Geoethics and responsible use of geo-resources

Geoethical issues and geoethical dilemmas

Geoethics and geological risks