Intellectual outputs

During the project, the following intellectual outputs will be developed:

IO1 –

Theoretical aspects of geoethics and geoethics in georisks (leading partner from Italy)

It is a result of the 1st workshop, which took place in Italy in 30th July to 3rd August 2018

The objectives were:

To clarify definitions of geoethics – topics and aims;

To explore the historical background of geoethics;

To present a scientific and geoethical perspective of the management and reduction of georisks in order to start preparing an educational resource;

To elaborate an online publication and create educational resources regarding geoethics – these resources comprise a set of “video pills” (5 minutes length per video) on the main aspects of geoethics to be used as “Introductory course on geoethics” for early-career professional geoscientist in order to make them aware about the ethical implications of geoscience research and practice.

This output will be delivered in September 2018.

IO2 –

Geoethics’ Syllabus and Geoethics in Georesources and Geoparks (leading partner from Portugal)

It is a result of the 2nd workshop that took place in Portugal, in 14th to 18th January 2019

The objectives were:

To establish an educational theoretical framework and define a template for the Geoethics syllabus;

To explore some Portuguese geoethical cases related to georesources management;

To address the thematic of Geoethics in geoparks and geotourism – issues will be raised concerning social awareness taking into account geological heritage and geodiversity.

This output will be delivered in February 2019.

IO3 –

Geoethics in Environment (leading partner from Austria)

It will be created as a result of the 3rd workshop that will take place in Austria, in 8th to 12th July 2019.

The objectives are:

To address the thematic of geoethics, environment and water protection;

To produce two educational resources for higher education based on Austrian and Portuguese scenarios.

This output will be delivered in September 2019.

IO4 –

Geoethics in education: from theory to practice (leading partner from Israel)

It will be created as a result of the 4th workshop that will take place in Israel, in 13th to 17th January 2020.

The objectives are:

To find out what are the positions of Geoscience educators regarding the teaching of Geoethics in their institutes;

To demonstrate how to teach the different aspects of Geoethics (risks, resources, parks/preservation, water/environment) using a variety of learning resources in different learning environments.

This output will be delivered in February 2020 and the main responsible is the Israeli team.