IO2 – publications

These intellectual outputs were created as a result of the workshop 2, taking place in Portugal, in January 2019, held in University of Porto. The objectives of the workshop were: to establish the syllabus structure and to discuss Portuguese cases in relation to georesources management in order to generate an educational resource.

The outputs of this workshop comprised two sections: (i) the elaboration of an online publication where was emphasized the syllabus structure including the curricular programme, methodologies and evaluation suggestions; (ii) produce one educational resource for higher education related to georesources management.

The different overviews and approaches of the participants had a positive impact enriching the syllabus contents. The fact that there is an interdisciplinary team creating the syllabus stands out as one of the most innovative assets of the project. This has the potential of improving higher education quality giving a wider geoethical perspective regardless the background of the students. During the workshop it was rollout a project platform where all educational outcomes and relevant information will be posted.